Welcome to Bow Wows, Meows & More Pet Concierge and Fitness.  Greater Miami’s premiere provider of dedication and attention to your pet’s fitness, health and emotional well-being.  Trust your pet and home to us without a worry. 

We are more than a service that walks your dog or changes your cat’s litter box.  We are pet owners ourselves and treat your pet as one of our own.  We understand that a pet is more than a pet. It is a best friend. It is family.  And like us, we want nothing but the best care when it comes to our pets.

Our pets bring harmony, relaxation, happiness, and fitness into our lives.  And yes at times, even frustration when they chew on a new pair of shoes.  But in the end, we still love them.



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Why Us

Ten Simple Reasons

  1. Trusted, Bonded, Insured.  Your Pet and Home is safe with us.

  2. Professional

  3. Full service as our name states "& more"

  4. We love pets and your pets love us

  5. More than a service, we become friends to your pet (And to you, if you want)

  6. Don't bother or impose on asking your neighbors or friends to petsit

  7. Reliable

  8. Others don't focus on the health, fitness, and well-being of your pet like we do

  9. We like to host public paw-ties for you and your dog in a park

  10. Committed to satisfaction

Bonus:  You may already have a sitter, but why not a back-up.  We work nights, weekends, and can handle most last minute reservations.  If you have a key on file with us, and you are out enjoying the day/night and prefer not to stop the good time, then just give us a call to run over to walk your pet.

Benefits to You

  1. Freedom.  You can attend that day long event without having to run home to let the dog out. We will do it for you. If we have your key on file, just give us a call.

  2. Relaxation.  When was the last time you went on a vacation? Take that vacation without worrying about your pet and its care. We can petsit in your home or have the pet as our guest in our homes without being caged.

  3. Guilt free.  So many pet owners have guilt that they leave their pet alone at home all day while at work. Have no more guilt. While you are at work, we will take your pet to the park.

  4. Recuperation.  Are you under doctor's order to stay off your feet? Let us do the walking, running, and household pet chores.

  5. Savings.  It may be more economical for you to hire us. What is your hourly pay rate or billable rate to your clients? More than ours, so why stop working on that project. We will be happy to assist with a walk and you can keep on working effectively without interruption.

  6. Peace of mind.  Knowing your pet is in excellent care with us.

Adopt Me

According to the Humane Society of the United States, over 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized in U.S. shelters each year. That is about one every 8 seconds. 

Thinking of adding a new member to your family?  Be sure to visit, your local pet shelter or online. You can also find many types of pets up for adoption on Petfinder from dogs, cats, birds, horses, snakes to rabbits.  You name it.  Consider adoption first, and help save a life.