New Year, New Resolutions, New Blog, New Fitness Committment.....Hire a Running Partner for You and Your Dog

Wow, another year just zoomed by.  And another year of resolutions made by many around the world.  How many will be broken and forgotten about in a few weeks?  How many new gym memberships will be sold during the month of January?  Great revenue month for them, but they know if those members are not on a year long membership plan those people will probably cancel in a few months.

That said so why not save yourself a few bucks and just NOT join.

  Better yet, if you have a pet, why not promise to walk them more or further.  That is if their health is good and the breed can handle it.  If you have a sporting dog, why not commit to each other to start out walking, gradually adding in a mix of jogging and then in a few months work up that distance over time.  Your dog will love it and so will you when you see the results in your body. Just remember as you see every warning label when it comes to fitness.....consult your physician......well you should also pay close attention to your dog.  Are you asking too much of them or are you not asking enough?  It all depends on the breed, their age, and their individual health.

Still not committed to running even with your best pet who loves you always.....your dog.  Well, why not hire a dog runner?  Seriously, if you were going to pay for a trainer at  $60-115 per hour, why not get a dog runner and you just go along for the run as well.

We at Bow Wows, Meows & More can assist and get you and your dog that training partner.


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