New to Miami Beach? On vacation with your pooch? Visit Miami Beach Bark Parks.


Weather you are new to Miami Beach, a tourist visiting with their pet, or just a long-time resident looking to change up the scene for your dog ........  Miami Beach has four designated Bark Parks where dogs can roam free off-leash in a fenced in area.

Flamingo Park, 13th & Michigan Avenue

Pinetree Bark Park, 4400 Pinetree Drive

Washington Avenue Bark Park, 201 Second Street

Belle Isle Park,Island Avenue on Belle Isle (305-861-3616) 

Remember to pick up after your dog, have your dog updated with all vaccinations, and bring a ball for your dog to fetch. Looking for a little more fitness challenge for your dog, start at Flamingo Park as that has some agility training equipment to climb on, jump over etc.


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