Rabbits Not Just For Easter

Each year, many children get rabbits around Easter for pets.  While rabbits make great pets, they do involve work and responsibility like any pet.  Sure they are all nice and cuddly, but soon the cage will need to be cleaned.  They will need to be fed when you got all comfortable on your couch and just remembered that you forgot to feed the rabbit, and then they will get into things that you do not want them near.  Plus, possibly leaving a few gifts called droppings around at times.

But all in all, I grew up with two friends and each had rabbits.  One was an indoor rabbit and the other was probably a 12+ pounds (I am guessing) rabbit kept in a hutch outside. Both were great rabbits and fun to play with.  Yet again, like they say grandchildren are great as you can go home after visiting them.  These rabbits were not mine, so I did not have to worry about the cleaning and caring for them.  But I do know they NEVER complained once about them. And when I cared for one of them for 2 weeks while they were on vacation, the work involved in taking care of  "Fancy Pants" was not laborious at all.

But below are some links to great articles on rabbits from the Ontario Rabbit Education Organization to help you with your decision of yourself getting a rabbit or for your child. And don't forget looking on Petfinder.com to consider adopting a rabbit before going to a store.

Is a rabbit right for your child?

Is a rabbit right for you?

Common myths about rabbits

Basic Information on Rabbits

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