3rd Most Common Uncaged Pet in North America

You can probably guess the two most common uncaged pets being the dog and cat.  But do you have any idea on the third?  Rabbits? No. Horses? No.  It is ferrets. Those friendly always curious little critters that look like they have fun all day. Now, some of you are probably thinking ...

"friendly, I heard they attack babies."  Yes, there have been incidents as such with many dogs and some cats.  And before getting any pet, one should be aware of not only the responsibilities of owning one, but risks they may cause as well.  But ferrets are not new pets at all to humans, as they have been pets just as long of time as cats became pets.

Some basic things about ferrets:

1.)  Most are kept unccaged in a home, but do have a 'home base' or bed that they know is theirs.

2.)  They eat dry kibble and enjoy fruits and some vegetables.

3.)  They are notorious for being curious and getting into everything in your home.

4.)  They are litter box trained.

5.)  They need to have vaccinations.

6.)  They need to be spayed or neutered otherwise they have health problems.

7.)  They have scent glands and those should be removed as well to reduce natural animal odors.

8.)  They can live as long as 8-10 years.

9.)  You should have a vet who is trained and knowledgeable in ferret care.

10.)  You need to allow time to play with your ferret.

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