Animal Lover's Dream Vacation Giveaway at Big Cat Rescue

Do you see yourself looking over the vast Serengeti plains, searching the horizon for a glimpse of a pride of Lions, or a Leopard lounging in the trees?  Do you imagine yourself in India, riding an elephant through the high grass with your eyes peeled for the elusive Tiger?  Have you ever thought how great it would be to hike through the  rainforest, listening to the tropical birds, ever on the lookout for a Leopard or an Ocelot high in the canopy?  Have you ever been to the zoo and wanted to be closer to the exotic cats; so close you could almost touch them?  You don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to make these dreams come true.   The world's largest accredited big cat rescue facility is right here in Tampa, Florida at Big Cat Rescue.


This 45 acre, wildlife sanctuary is home to 140 cats representing 16 species of wild cat.  All in one place you can see Lions, Tigers, Geoffroy Cats, Jungle Cats, Servals, Caracals, Snow Leopards, Bobcats, Lynx and more.  Watch Tigers swimming in the lake or see them run full speed through their 3 acre cat-a-tat.  Get so close to them that you can almost feel their hot breath on your skin.  Take photos that everyone will think you took in the wild.  Spend the afternoon with our Keepers walking the park to watch them hand out treats to Bearcats, Ocelots  and Bobcats draped through the trees overhead.  Trudge through the bush and spot Caracals, Servals and Jungle Cats in hot pursuit of lizards and birds.   

You and a guest could win 4 Days/ 3 Nights at the Sirata Beach Resort, a St. Pete Beach front Hotel, Airfare, Big Cat Rescue Keeper Tour, Dolphin Watch Cruise, and more!   Print flier HERE

Your Keeper Tour includes walking the 45 acre sanctuary and meeting many of the 100+ exotic cats who call Big Cat Rescue home. Most were formerly bred to be coats, seized by police, abandoned or abused. You will be allowed to help our Keepers make treats to hand out and will be witness to the feeding of the great cats.

Spend time with the Founder on a private tour. See more species of cats all in one place than you probably even knew existed. 15 species of wild cat currently have a forever home at the sanctuary.

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