The Big Snake Hunt in the Everglades

As you may have heard on the local Florida news stations the problem of boas and pythons in the Everglades.  The problem being these are non-native species and can lead to serious ecosystem damage.  These snakes can grow to 10+ feet and weigh over 200 pounds making them at that size being toward the top of the foot chain with the alligator.

How did these snakes get into the Everglades?  People releasing their snakes and then these snakes reproducing.  Also, back in the early 90's when Hurricane Andrew came through, it destroyed snake breeders cages which sent them being released into the wild to breed over the years.

This year was the first year where the State of Florida opened up hunting season to include these snakes to help control the population.  But after the season had ended not a single snake was taken in. It is said that perhaps most of the snakes were killed off in the cold spell we had earlier this year that sent temperatures to near freezing.  It is also said that the hunters did not go deep enough into the Everglades nor were they allowed to hunt in the National Park area of the Everglades.

What to do if you see a boa or python in your area?   You can call Animal Services to help capture it, if you were unable to cage it yourself.  Remember these snakes can kill by constricting around your body until you are lifeless. So do not be a hero and try to wrestle the snake into a bag or enclosure.

And if you have a snake and no longer want it or are able to care for it, try to find another home for it.  A home that is not just out in the wild.  See if a zoo, pet shop, or friend would want it.  You can also look into snake rescue societies or list your pet on PetFinders.

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