Memorial Day Weekend Pet Care Options Still Available, Call Us

Memorial Day Weekend is here already.  Are you just thinking of getting that petsitter at the last minute?  Well, don't you, are not alone.  Friday and Saturday are usually our busy days for phone calls and reservations.  It is not too late to schedule service now, enjoy the weekend out of town, and know your pet is well-taken care of.

Most prefer to have us come to their homes and take care of their pets.  This way the pet is in the comfort of their own surroundings and can go about their daily routine as normal.  You tell us what time you normally walk them, feed them, play with them and we will make every effort to copy those times exactly.

Give us a call and we will be right over within 30 minutes to discuss the variable options. 786-553-2350.  Then time for you to enjoy the holiday weekend.

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