Dog Day Afternoons of Warm Weather & Your Dog


Running Your Dogs in the Hot Florida Summers...Not Such a Hot Thing to Do.



Sure you may love to run year round, but keep in mind your dog has a few special needs in the summer or on any hot day. As you know dogs do not sweat as humans do to cool off. Rather dogs lose heat through their paws and panting. And even with these bodily functions for dogs, they are not efficient enough to help keep your dog safe.


If you are considering running with your dog on hot days (not just summer), you should switch your runs to early mornings and later in the evenings when the heat of the day is lower. Then even then keep a close eye on your dog for signs of heat exhaustion/heat stroke as most often dogs have issues on slightly cooler days than on super hot days. The reason being is you may think dog is going to be fine on that slightly cooler day and you may not pay as close attention to him as on a very hot day.


Signs of possible heat exhaustion or heat stroke:


Excesive panting and foaming at the mouth


Diarrhea that may even be bloody

Dog is not able to keep up anymore and try to stop and lay down.

Possibly cannot stand from overexhaustian

Coloring of his gums may have changed

Dog shows signs of confusion


Things to help your dog out on those warm day runs:


Have cold drinking water available for him and stop recently to provide him with water.

If near a hose, sprinkler, lake/ocean .... you can cool the dog off in the water. Note, if the water of the lake/ocean is near 80 degrees or more, dogs can still become overheated.

Try running in shaded areas, but still keep a close eye on the dog's condition.

Try walking your dog on cooler surface areas like grass or concrete rather than black asphalt.

Take your dog inside an air conditioned building.


And remember if your dog shows severe signs of heat exhaustion, consider taking your dog to the vet immediately or calling them for a phone consultation if you are unable to make it to the vet.

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