Man's New Best Friend... Teacup Pig?????

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Tiny 'teacup' pigs are the latest pet craze

Animal lovers are going hog wild over a new breed of miniature pet.

"Teacup" pigs have became the latest trendy pet in England.

The little piggies weigh just over half a pound at birth and only grow to 12 to 16 inches high, topping out at about 65 pounds - rather svelte in the pig world.

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'Hot Spots' Popping Up in Miami. That is Hot Spots on Dog

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Veterinary Q & A: Hot Spots

What are they? How to cool them down!

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What is a "hot spot"?
A hot spot is a localized area of skin inflammation and infection. The infection can be superficial or deep. Other common names for this condition include: moist dermatitis, and acute moist dermatitis

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US Postal Service Issues Special Stamps to Promote Animal Rescue

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Help Support Local Animal Rescue Shelters by mailing a letter.  The United States Postal Service is issuing special commerative stamps to help raise awareness for the millions of shelter pets that neeed a good home.

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"Hurricane Safety for Pets" from Broward County Animal Care

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Hurricane Safety Tips For Owners of Small and Large Animals
-- Preparation and Planning are Key to Your Pet's Survival --
DATE: June 11, 2010
MEDIA CONTACT: Lisa Mendheim, Broward County Animal Care and Regulation
PHONE: 954-359-1010

Hurricane season is here and Broward County Animal Care and Regulation reminds all pet owners to prepare to safeguard your pets and large animals before, during and after a hurricane.

"Preparation and planning are important for any family," said Lisa Mendheim, public education coordinator, Broward County Animal Care, "but it becomes particularly important to plan when you are responsible for pets, horses and other large animals."
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Have A Happy and Safe 4th of July

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  1. Remember keep your pets safe and away from fireworks. When you throw that lit firework out of your hand to go explode away from you, just remember your dog may think it is a toy to go fetch.
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