Have A Happy and Safe 4th of July

  1. Remember keep your pets safe and away from fireworks. When you throw that lit firework out of your hand to go explode away from you, just remember your dog may think it is a toy to go fetch.
  2. This is the time of the year that pets get lost the most.  Loud noises may scare the pet and make them run off, chew through a leash tied to a tree, or even possibly jump through a window.  So keep a close eye on your pets and make sure they are all safe and secure from running away.
  3. If your pet quivers, paces, whines, or is very frantic with the sound of fireworks, play with them with their favorite toys.   Also, do not try to calm them down and saying it is "okay" etc as this may actually be a mixed signal to them and they interpret it as it is okay to pace and shake.

Happy 4th of July.


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