Thanks to PetsMart Lifetime Warranty on their Aquariums

Came home and found water outside my main door.  I looked up to see if a leak was coming from someone upstairs in the condo above me.  Nope.  Then I thought.....did the cabinet for the aquarium stand collapse? In I walked only to see all of the floor wet throughout the condo and the aquarium still standing.  What happened........

The bottom of the aquarium collapsed and gave way draining out all of the water and there sat my fish on top of the gravel gasping for air.   Don't know how long they have been laying there, but some were still definitely alive while the younger ones did not make it.

Anyhow, I went to PetsMart to buy a new aquarium only to find out that the tank was warrantied for life.  Without question they said bring the tank in and they will replace it.  And replace the fish too.  Now, I only had cichlids and not saltwater fish totaling thousands of dollars, but still they took care of everything.

This was the first time this ever happened to a tank of mine in over 30 years, but glad it was bought from PetsMart.  If you were wondering how long I had the tank.....3 years.

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