Considering boarding a pet?  Not sure about it? 

I know I was when I had to leave town for the first time before starting Bow Wows, Meows & More.  Here my dog was with me every day since the day I brought him home and now I am about to leave him and unsure about it.  How will he be?  Will he hate me when I come back?  Will he be traumatized for life?  I just didn't know what to expect.  But I do know I wanted the best care for him.

And that did not mean dropping him off at a kennel, "pet resort", boarding center, or whatever name you want to call it.  Even if they say they are cage free facilities, I didn't want my dog locked up in a room with a glass door.  Sure there may be no metal bars, but to me it was still a cage.

So what did I do?  I found friends' to care for him in my home and theirs.  There was no caged-in feeling of being in a room be it 10'x 10' or 4' x 6'.  It was still a cage in my eyes and my dog's.  Have you locked your dog in a room?  What did he try to do?  Paw at the door or whimper and whine a bit?  See even he feels caged in.

Why not have your pet cared for in your own home?  We can stay overnight or visit as many times as you request throughout the day.  Or if you want we can have them as a guest in our very own homes.  Free to walk from room to room.  Free to watch tv with us,  Free to cuddle up to us.  Free to be just themselves.

So we ask you why would you consider placing your pet in any type of facility, other than a home based situation.  When the lights go out at night at that boarding kennel, pet resort, etc., where do all the humans go to?   Will your pet feel a little loneliness if he is not in the comfort of his own home or in someone elses? 

Call us to see if we can open up our homes to your pet?  Space does fill up as we do provide a lot of one on one attention and playtime for them throughout the day. 

786-553-2350 Reserve your space today.